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Disclaimers/ Important Info

The Homeowner must be present during the install. Installer must have a clean area to work in. All rooms/ areas that installer may need access to, must be cleared ahead of time. Installer will not move furniture, old equipment, or other belongings, unless otherwise noted. All animals are to be boarded or put away. All old equipment must be removed prior to install. 

  1. Does not include equipment that needs further setup, such as, TiVo, HTPC, Roku box, ETC, unless the devices were previously configured.
  2. Does not include cables
  3. It is against fire code to put a power cord that is detachable on either end, in a wall cavity. An electrical outlet must be installed behind the TV to conceal the power cord.
  4. Applies to standard drywall in the same bay cavity. Obstructions such as insulation, firebreaks, plumbing, HVAC ventilation, or other common obstacles may require additional parts/ labor.
  5. Does not include speaker stands or mounts
  6. Must have all current drivers/ set up discs/ manuals
  7. Antennas only "catch" a signal and can not "draw" one in. Signal strength can be adversely affected by many factors including
  • Physical distance from tower
  • Broadcaster's signal strength
  • Tall Buildings (even ones not near you but near the tower)
  • Other towers, cell phone towers, power lines, water towers
  • Landscape (Hills, trees, ridges)
  • Since every home's location is unique, Digital Plus, LLC will make every effort to get the channels that are available to you. If for some reason your home can not receive certain channels, labor for antenna installation is not refundable.